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    Anna+ eyes.
    Requested by teffhk 


    Felt like doodling Silena Beauregard.


    thankyou for those who dropped by the livestream~!
    absolutely love the designs on this character i had fun ^q^////
    OC© Acornbutt 
    ART© me

    mutestraw ha detto: where u can do things to elsa? :O or u can be elsa.. wait wat lol

    ..I went back to my post earlier and I did read “Elsa Stimulator” instead of “Elsa simulator” lol

    I don’t know but I saw that “GTA-like-Elsa-simulator” gifset and I thought that there must be an Elsa simulator somewhere on the net

    me needs to lay my hands on that Elsa simulator.
    If it ever exists.


    A helpful fuck-ton of boob references.

    Note that since this contains long images that are currently fuzzy (because tumblr just doesn’t want to display ‘em clearly), you gotta reverse-image search ‘em in google. Just because it’s a little extra work doesn’t mean you oughtn’t do it; the large image on the right is totally worth the effort for female anatomy, and the one of the left is also helpful with bra things. They’re all quite helpful.

    [From various sources]


    Don’t leave your house at night, when the jellyfishes comes out…

    Done in photoshop and SAI

    Wallpaper version | 


    Request from the Daft Punk kink meme, the duo in their new sparkly gear from “Get Lucky”!